Beds and Mattresses

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Luxury beds for sweet dreams

Resting at night is essential to have a nice day the next morning. Novia's bed will cover your health as well as your home interiors. Stylish, high-quality bed frames and comfortable mattresses give you peaceful dreams. Browse our amazing beds and bed frames collection.

A variety of bed sizes and bed frames to suit your every need

Our selection of bedroom furniture is stylish and will suit any style. Before you shop, consider the size of bed that you will need in your home. Consider your space and consider your individual needs. Single beds are the best option for small spaces, and double beds are the best choice if you prefer to spread out or share your bedroom space. A king bed with a plush headboard or a super-king size bed are great options for more oversized bedrooms. Our bed guide will help you decide the size. You won't have to worry about this decision. After determining the size of your bed, don't forget to check out ottoman storage beds to complete your room style. 

Add a mattress to your bed frame

Searching for the bed for yourself? Novia has the ideal one for you. The right mattress is the key to an ideal bed. We have everything you need, from firm to soft, king to single. You can browse our collection of the mattress to find your perfect match. Our buying guide will help you choose the right mattress for you.