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  1. Garf
    Special Price £690.00 Regular Price £920.00
  2. Amour

    TV Unit Bottom Module

    Special Price £1,518.75 Regular Price £2,025.00
  3. Mila

    TV Unit Bottom Module

    Special Price £1,200.00 Regular Price £1,600.00
  4. Amour


    Special Price £1,976.25 Regular Price £2,635.00
  5. Mila


    Special Price £1,406.25 Regular Price £1,875.00
  6. Mila

    TV Top Module

    Special Price £348.75 Regular Price £465.00
  7. Mila


    Special Price £303.75 Regular Price £405.00

Storage Units to find items

Being tidy might be tricky – especially when you don't have the correctly designed storage. Throwing items inside storage is easy, but when the time comes to find the correct items quickly, your life might turn into a nightmare. Don't panic. Novia is here to ensure that you organize your space and open the right storage unit to find what you are looking for. Browse now to find the perfect design for your interior. 

Showcasing your books with our bookcases

Storages are a big part of an interior as a decoration unit, making spaces look beautiful or hectic. A storage unit can be in any form, and it can be used anywhere for anything, so storage maximization is essential for you to enjoy your life while looking for something to find as well as looking at it. Show your items as decorative objects instead of hiding them like your books in our bookcases. Our “Coco” sideboard have plenty of units for your books and media units, and the Phantom sideboard has closed shelving units with luxury feeling. Don't forget to check out different options from our media units and modern chest of drawers

Daily storage solutions 

Living in the UK means being ready for the four seasons at any time opposite Europe, which means you might need your thick clothes and rainboots at all times here. Our comfy benches offer a storage option for your warm clothes and seating in one.

All shape and sizes of storage is available 

According to us, storage boxes can be transformed into something special. A set of metal boxes can be used to store extra pillows or blankets in a small living space, and you can double function the storage containers to place your plants. It is also well known that many people leave books, water, and other essential items next to their bed. You don't have to struggle with where to place your items before going to sleep, or you can continue to chill in the bed in the morning with your favourite book, so look at our side table or bedside table to organize everything.